About Us

Welcome to AutoLeasingUS, the number one source and most innovative way to lease, buy, rent or subscribe to a vehicle from the comfort of your home. Forget about spending hours at a dealership, now you can get your next car anytime, anywhere! AutoLeasingUS does nation-wide delivery: whether it’s your home, job, gym, school, we do it all!
When Robert Dalis first started AutoLeasingUS, his passion for innovation and love for cars drove him to create a process to reduce any hassle that goes with getting a new car. By speaking with one of our highly trained representatives, we’ll be able to find all the options available according to your specific needs.

“Exhausting hours at a dealership should not be the way you spend your day”
-Robert Dalis

AutoLeasingUS makes leasing so easy you don’t have to think twice about it. The company’s goal is to give customers full transparency, make the leasing experience affordable, pleasurable, and effortless.
Working with all makes and models, we’re dedicated to become your one stop shop for all your car needs. We provide our customers with exemplary customer service, dependability, and the best deal guaranteed.

General FAQ

Can I pay with credit card or check?

Since you’re physically receiving possession of a vehicle, all funds are required to be settled by the time of signing the Broker Agreement; since final order is being placed & vehicle is out for delivery or production.

If I don’t see a vehicle advertised on your website, does that mean that the vehicle isn’t available?

No, not all cars are on our site. We usually advertise the most popular vehicles. We work with ALL makes and models, therefore if the car is in any lot in the US, we are able to get it for you.

If no car with my specifications is found, how do I get what I want?

Whether the exact car you want is available or not, we are able to submit special orders on any vehicle with any and all your specifications.

How is AutoLeasingUS able to beat the dealership price? Why use your company rather than going to a dealership?

AutoLeasingUS gives you the ability to take advantage of our fleet prices , as well as negotiating the best monthly price with the dealership for you.

Do you guys only do leases ?

No we do all sorts of deals subscriptions, rent, buy, or lease.

Do you guys deliver out of state?

Yes we deliver nation-wide.

Subscription Program FAQ

Can I purchase more mileage upfront?

You cannot purchase additional mileage at the beginning of your subscription. We encourage you to select a vehicle that meets your monthly driving habits as closely as possible. If at the end of your subscription term you’ve exceeded the total allowable mileage, you’ll pay a pre-set rate for each additional mile. This rate is also posted on our contract we provide to you.

Can I hold the car I’m interested in while I think about moving forward?

Auto Leasing US can’t guarantee availability of a particular vehicle until the activation payment has been paid. Once you’re ready to proceed, please contact us to reserve the vehicle of your choice and pay the activation payment. After the activation payment is made, your favorite vehicle will be reserved for you.

When do I need to provide insurance?

You will insure your subscription vehicle prior to taking delivery of the vehicle.Auto Leasing US requires full coverage (comprehensive and collision) insurance on all subscribed vehicles. Prior to taking delivery you will be required to provide a copy of your policy’s ​declaration​ page to Auto Leasing US for proof of insurance. Please make sure that your policy meets any state specific requirements for the state in which you reside. Auto Leasing US will not release a vehicle to you without proper proof of insurance.Failure to properly insure the subscribed vehicle for the duration of your subscription is a breach of your contract with Auto Leasing US Subscriptions and may result in the immediate termination of your contract and a demand for immediate return of the car to Auto Leasing US.

If I change my mind can I return the vehicle?

Once paperwork is complete and the vehicle is picked-up we don’t allow “returns”. You a real ways welcome to visit our location and see the vehicle you’re looking to subscribe prior to completing the process.Remember, you’re still in control. While we don’t allow returns, you can cancel your subscription at any time with a 15-day notice. Activation payments are non-refundable, but you will be eligible to receive a prorated refund for any unused days from your monthly payment.

When is my first monthly payment due?

Prior to picking up your Subscription vehicle, your first monthly payment, activation payment,taxes and official fees are paid.

What if I return my car in the middle of a monthly billing cycle?

You are always paying for your subscribed vehicle in advance, similar to a traditional vehicle lease or paying your rent. After you return the vehicle, you maybe eligible to receive a prorated credit for unused days.

Are the payments actual or estimated?

We pride ourselves on transparency and simplicity. The payments you see are the payments you get (plus tax, of course).

Am I responsible for properly maintaining my subscribed vehicle?

Yes, we expect our subscribers to take care of our vehicles as if they owned them. We take care of routine maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations and manufacturer recommended inspections. Please drive responsibly, keep your vehicle clean, and let us know of any accidents, damages, dings, tears, spills or change to the condition of the vehicle.Every subscription includes rights to a vehicle, manufacturer recommended maintenance,repairs due to defect, roadside assistance included. And, we will clean, fuel, and prepare each vehicle and give you access to monthly swaps between vehicles if you choose to do so. We take care of all maintenance and repairs from manufacturer defects, so you can focus on driving.

Where is service currently available?

Service is currently available in FL, NY, and CT. Additional states will be added soon.

Maintenance FAQ

How do I get maintenance done on my subscribed vehicle?

We track when vehicles are typically due for maintenance. However, actual timing of maintenance coming due can vary with your driving habits. If a vehicle is due for maintenance according to manufacturer recommended standards, we will reach out to you to schedule a maintenance appointment. A representative will be in contact with you to schedule a maintenance appointment, typically within 24 hours.

Where do I take the vehicle for maintenance?

Auto Leasing US has relationships with auto dealers and national brand service centers in all of the areas where our subscription program is offered. When speaking with a representative to schedule your maintenance appointment, together you will determine if it’s best for you to bring the vehicle to us to get the maintenance done or if it’s best for us to make an appointment at an approved service center for you to take the vehicle in.

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